Vice Principal who committed suicide left a heart-wrenching suicide note. ↘

"Burn my body and scatter my ashes at the site of the sunken ferry. Perhaps I can become a teacher for the missing students in my next life."

This is so heartbreaking.

S.Y. 2014-2015 Enrollment Ad - This is my favorite work so far since I started with the job, even if the school color (orange omg) and logo was a challenge to work with. It’s not as vibrant when it came out though but it works for me. I’m glad that people are receiving it well too, judging by the likes it was able to amass. Hehe. Time to slay the competition.

This kid is happy :3 McDonald’s put these babies on sale, along with other Happy Meal toys from last year. Didn’t care if I was the only adult who fell in line…BECAUSE IRON MAN POSTERS.

Fast Five//041714

I am typing this while defending myself from a swarm of small flying insects that’s somehow attracted to me rather than the bright lights outside my window.

1. I just purchased a Monster High doll online (SKILL UNLOCKED: Online Shopping!) because I want to try my hands on modding. Seems like a good idea at the moment seeing that some artists actually profit from it and I seriously need a new hobby to spend my Sundays with.

2. Aaaaand I’m broke - I literally have zero pesos in my wallet, again. I just had my first-half month pay last Monday and come Wednesday I have spent it all on who knows where. Good thing it’s a Holy Week, no office days. My problem now lies on where would I get my money when work resumes next week. (Moooooom!)

3. I’m thinking of getting a part-time job teaching but also conflicted by the idea. Am I capable of doing that? My professor in Environmental Science always said that I can (and should try) but I’m not confident my class reporting skills would even suffice for the job -_- Huuu but I really need the extra income. Ughhhh.

4. Aside from the unbearable temperature situation every summer, one of the reasons why I moved out of our old bedroom is so that I could have finally have a space of my own but apparently my brother just had to move rooms as well taking the one where we put our fresh clothes in and there were tons of things that had to be moved and long story short, his bed is now occupied by a mountain of clothes and he ended up sharing the bed with me in MY new room.

5. Had my hair dyed: dark ash brown something something. It’s too vibrant for my taste and it could be just me but it almost looks blonde to me -_- I fear that human resources isn’t going to be happy about this.

UPDATE: I have befriended with the flying insects…and killed them all.

Well that was unexpected. Space Zombies! (ノ⌒▽⌒)ノ Wee

Game of Thrones: The Purple Wedding // Deleted Scene
(© T / B)

Fixed it lol. We all know who really did it. HAIL TOMMEN!

Couldn’t decide what color to wear so I wore everything.

Note to self: Don't eat the pastry at weddings.
The Rains of Castamere
Sigur Rós

Hair peg.

Just finished a photo shoot for the school posters. Kinda went as Marshall Lee for work today.

Ahh, the brief satisfaction brought by buying notebooks I will never use. Excuse me while I spend the remains of my salary on stationery.

I remember how I looked forward to “back to school shopping” — making a list, the clamor of bustling adults, the freebies you get, the stress from hasty decisions of which brand of notebook to get, the lunch (and/or dinner) in the mall afterwards, the new stuff you have to carry home…it was a family affair and it was usually the only time we’d all go out together.

There is also something I find really comfortable inside a bookstore, I’d spend hours and hours digging through everything until the people would find it suspicious. I usually didn’t care but then I’d realize that I’ve been looking around for four hours already, still no book in hand.

Now, what to do with this notebook?

Fave junk food at the moment: some local version of Koko Krunch.

I don’t even know why it’s called “EC” when the subtitle says Crunchy Chocolate (Evil Cereal?). It’s really, really tasty though even if I find unbranded junk food really suspicious, it feels like I’m eating handfuls of diabetes or even hepatitis. (And what’s with the Comic Sans?)

Croak. I lost my Totoro purse wallet but found this one hiding beneath a pile of my lost and forgotten childhood [toys]. It looks kooky though…perfect! Just like me.

Photos by (click pic) Saravanan Dhandapani, Vilvesh Swaminathan and Mahesh Balasubramanian from the Mayana Soora Thiruvizha festival, which occurs every march in the small, southern Indian village of Kaveripattinam and is devoted to Angalamman, one of the fiercest forms of the mother goddess Mariamman.